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Photography Courses

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We get alot of requests from people at events about where we studied to become photographers,or even how we know what we know. Well the truth behind it all is we didn't study to become photographers. We're not saying we don't know the first thing about photography,trust me we do. Its just going about it correctly. There are so many different ways of setting up a camera or editing a picture that most people often get scared and rather stick to the basics. Well here is some good news for you. We have taken into consideration what most people know about their cameras,what types of cameras they own and also what knowledge they have of photography, and constructed workshops ranging from the "average Joe" on the street to people who are really serious about taking photos.

It was no easy process,trying to divide the knowledge into pieces big enough that would ensure you learn something and also enjoy doing it, whilst making sure we don't keep you there for an entire month! We also divided the workshops into groups for those who have never had any lessons on photography, to those who have been to one of our workshops,or even someone else's workshops and would like to take an even bigger step into the photography world.



Most of these workshops last only a day,thus allowing for people to take part and not worry too much about where they might have to stay or how they are going to manage their busy schedule while taking part in one of the workshops. We also don't take more than 20 people per workshop, making sure that everyone there gets their money's worth and also gets to meet a few people that they could network with and share the knowledge they might have gained. (we still learn new things from other photographers every day.)

Hope to see you there...


Last Updated on Monday, 25 October 2010 12:38